Sunday, November 14, 2010


According to my mother, I was a difficult baby, very demanding, up all night, needed to physically touch my mother at all times. But once I grew out of that, I was a fairly easy kid. I had my moments but for the most part, I was pretty good. I was however, a huge challenge as a teen. I was pretty bratty a lot. I ran away, I was mouthy, a liar, I snuck out regularly and I did no chores and hardly ever did what I was told without attitude.
So, I did not expect easy children.
Yesterday at 6 PM, it was 44 degrees outside. I told my daughter, Marissa to get ready to leave the house at 5:30. She was wearing a tank top and a pair of pajama bottoms and flip flops.
She informed me she was ready.
I told her to change and that I would be watching Oprah until she was ready.
She went to her room and returned in a tank top and a pair of shorts.
I informed her of the temperature and told her to go put some pants on.
She said that she didn't have any clean pants except school pants and wasn't going to change and it was fine.
I told her it was up to her how late she was going to be for where she needed to go and that I wasn't driving her anywhere without pants. Any pants would do other than pajama pants.
So, she went out and sat in the car. I stayed inside and watched Oprah.
After about three minutes, she started honking the horn. I didn't move.
Three minutes later, she began repeatedly ringing the doorbell. I didn't move.
Then she came in the house, yelled about how she was fine and I calmly repeated the fact that I was not leaving until she was wearing pants.
She went back to her room and returned wearing pajama pants with the shorts on top. I took one look at her and sat back down on the couch and resumed watching Oprah.
She went back outside, but now the car was locked, so she couldn't sit in it. She resumed ringing the doorbell. I turned up the TV volume.
Finally, she came back inside and went to her room, put on pants with the shorts on top. She came out and informed me how dirty the pants were and asked me if I was happy. I told her I appreciated it when she did as she was told.
She was a half hour late.

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