Friday, November 12, 2010

GBR 11/12

The Good:
My talk at MCA went well. I sat next to my former film teacher as a colleague and it felt really good.
I was voted President of MCA for next year.
My daughter has her lines memorized for the next play she is in and opening night is tonight.
I met some really cool people this week and laughed a lot.
My film is playing on Monday night and I am really excited.
My cats love me and I love them. They never tire of being with me and sleeping with me.
I apologized to someone whose feelings I hurt.
I have not gotten sick in spite of all the germs in the house and everyone seems to be feeling better today.

The Bad:
I had several ugly and stupid fights this week.
After telling Isabella no for three hours, John caved in again and made her pancakes, so now she knows how long she has to complain to get her dad to do something for her and yet again we had to have the talk about boundaries, and saying no and meaning no.
Last night, I did not have a babysitter so I was unable to attend the opening night Cinema St. Louis event and I missed an opportunity to meet Kevin Spacey.
I have been bummed out about it all day long because I wanted to go to this even before I found out Kevin Spacey was going to be there.
I said some not very nice things to someone who did not deserve it.
(But was able to apologize for my words)
Derek, Isabella and Marissa have all taken turns being really ill this week.

The Random:
John and I play this game called "What did she do cute, today?" When Marissa was younger, we did it with her and now we do it with Isabella more.
If he is alone with our daughter, he tells a story of something she said or did and if I have alone time with her, I tell the story.
A few nights ago, Isabella decided she wanted me to read her 'the monkey book'. I did not know what that was because it was something her dad had read to her last time it was his turn. I pulled out about ten books and none of them were the monkey book, so I told her she had to pick another one.
She refused, so I picked two and gave her an ultimatum. Either she chose one of those I had in my hand or she could go to bed without a story. Reluctantly, she pointed at the Mickey Mouse book in my hand.
I began to read to her and she was sniffling and quietly wailing, not really listening to the story. So I went off book and started making things up.
"Minnie Mouse really wanted to go on a picnic but Mickey would not stop whining and crying and he was really making everyone bum out."
Immediately she stopped sniffling and said- "That is not what it says."
"How do you know?" I asked.
"Look at the picture, he's not whining. He's smiling."
Uh oh, she had me there. Smart kid. But she stopped whining and crying long enough to listen to the story and go to bed.

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