Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok-- things are getting creepy. I often write the thing that won't leave me alone, the story that follows me around in the dark and pursues me non stop.
I love that story, it's the most powerful-- the one that won't leave me alone. In light of this new blog, I've been looking at my old blog for my 'greatest hits' so to speak-
Not that there isn't enough going on but, first you must know that I have written a ghost story-- my daughter helped develop the story (she is still convinced that this house is haunted-- I often laugh about that, having never even gotten a hint of a haunt) but I digress.
I'm getting ready to go into production on this script and there is a scary guy named Jason- he's a ghost. My daughter insisted we name the ghost Jason. Mainly, she wanted to do that as an homage to Jason the dude from Friday the 13th, which I found annoying, but I let her name the character because nowhere in the script do we ever hear his real name.
Honestly, even though I said this dream had stuck with me, I had forgotten all about it until I read this just now.
So now, it's a leeeetle bit creepy-- but cool. Now I really think we need to shoot this film in my house! We are currently scouting some locations but have not settled on any-- hmmmm!
Below is the post:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Ghosts / I dream about dead people
Current mood: imaginative
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural
I had the coolest dream. Kind of. It also scared the crap out of me.
I was sitting on the couch with my bare legs under the covers and my leg kept itching and I kept scratching and finally I couldn't take it any more and I threw back the blanket and there was an essay written on my leg. It was something like "My name is Jason and I'm stuck here in this house and I need you to help me..."
Okay, weird. So I immediately called out to John who was sitting across from me. And he read my leg. The indentations were beginning to fade. It's like he used some kind of heated pressure thing to write that essay. So I was like, what do you think we should do?
I turned to my left and there was this disembodied head, transparent and in black and white on the back of my couch, inches away from me. One hand dangled over as well. It was like he was coming through the wall from behind the couch.
Since it was a dream, I can't recall the nature of the conversation that took place, what was said simply faded away from me. I was scared but not scared. I woke up several times during the night and kept getting back to that dream. It seemed very real and very important. Somewhere in the night, it occurred to me maybe I should write a ghost story. When I told John, he was like "Been done!"
I said "Not by me!"
But I often think of writing about my dreams and it seems silly in the daylight later. This one really has stuck with me.
I think I dreamed it in part because I saw that silly movie Ghost Town on Friday night. It was funny.
This morning, I dreamt I was talking to my deceased friend Dan. Another ghost. I love those dreams because we are just talking. I was jolted awake suddenly and was disappointed we didn't get to finish our conversation. I have these dreams about him many times. Because he isn't here, it's the only way we can stay current with eachother. It's always comforting to dream about him.
Yeah, I know, I'm dreaming about dead people.

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Anonymous said...

You SHOULD film in your home, or at least somewhere that is reputed to be haunted. It would bring great energy to the production (even if just in the form of creeping out your actors). Maybe you'll even capture your ghost on film (they say that can happen!). So titillating!

Om shanti,