Saturday, May 15, 2010

Defensive and annoyed

Have you ever put something out there? Something kind of intimate and detailed only to have it misunderstood and ridiculed?
I'm not ashamed of who I am but I am annoyed when I'm mocked and misunderstood. I had a nice conversation with someone who bothered to mock it and completely misrepresent it. Really, people? It's funny how when I am not there to defend myself or explain my words, people twist them and feel better about calling me 'crazy'.
How afraid are these people of their sickness inside?
I have spent way too much time being annoyed by it. The fact is that people are ashamed of their own behavior and they channel it into making me out to be the crazy one.
I am not going to spend my life keeping my mouth shut, not telling the truth and expressing my opinion. Deal with it.


Contra Yogini said...

I concur! Folks are a little threatened by the truth and sometimes need to distance themselves from it.

VanessaMRR said...

In this case, people are ashamed of their own need to feel like part of the crowd and all.
A long time ago I promised myself I would stick to my ideals even if other people didn't agree and it was hardest when you are in a room of people who think otherwise.
I hate mob rules and I won't participate.
But oh is it hard sometimes. I have learned to be polite and keep my mouth shut but I won't pretend to have an opinion for the sake of niceites

Contra Yogini said...

Mob mentality is most certainly grotesque. I admire your ability to abstain. Sometimes that can be a very difficult thing. Odd how strong social pressure can be -- even when you know intellectually how incorrect their position is.