Friday, May 7, 2010

Rough Cut

When I was in film school, I had to do everything myself. I took on the roles of writer, director, cinematographer, sound mixer, editor, gaffer, etc.
And I loved learning all those things. I took real film and physically cut it and glued it together- pored for hours over a video editing system trimming it to just the right section and it was such intense work but my projects were all on me. I think I got used to doing it all. And I felt still that I left school before I learned all I needed to learn, there are still things I don't know.
But when I got out to do this outside of school, I found I could hire people and assign them jobs instead of doing all of this myself but it has left me feeling sort of useless.
The control freak in me wants to be in on everything. A couple weeks ago I looked at every scrap of footage and made notes on everything I saw as best I could and then I turned it over to the very talented editor to do his job and now I feel so...useless.
I went to consult the sound mixer last week. I'm so glad I have a sound mixer- this is a part of the job I defer to others- it is amazing what these people do- the richness of what he will be able to bring to my project.
At this phase of the game, I have someone composing a score and my film is in the hands of some wonderful people. I am so close to getting this out there.

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Contra Yogini said...

I'm awaiting further updates on your film's progress! :)