Friday, August 28, 2009

An unpopular opinion

Okay, I know that this will shock a lot of people but I support Nadya Suleman. In prinicipal. I know having 14 kids is more than a little crazy, but even if she can't afford it right now-- this is the USA. Her circumstances can change!
She's getting a masters degree, she could potentially make more money than most of us- who knows.
I think this is mostly about bashing a single mom.
If she was married, this would be less likely to be such a bashing opportunity.
Today on facebook, there was a poll wanting people like her banned from having children.
Really? Banned?
And who gets to decide this?
Does a panel of your peers decide this?
Does a panel of Roman Catholics get to decide?
Who gets to tell me I am not allowed to have children.
Shall we have forced sterilization?
Because when I was 17 and decided to have my baby and keep my baby, there was a panel of people that disagreed with me.
And disagreed with my second pregnancy and my third and my fourth.
I was married for my fifth so no one said anything. Ha.

But I want to know. Who do you want deciding for you?

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