Thursday, August 20, 2009

my auditions...

Announcing auditions for a locally produced short film, Play Dead, a suspense thriller
by writer/director Vanessa Roman.

Saturday August 29th from 10 AM - 2 PM

Webster University
Sverdrup Business/Technology Complex8300 Big Bend Blvd.
Room 131 (Video Studio)
Please call 314-662-3686 for appointment.
There will be at least one more audition date if you cannot make this one-
will be announced later

Auditions will be monologues and cold readings from the script.

Roles available are:

Claire-- Age 15-18, Claire is a bit of a mystery as a character, she has an ethereal, angelic demeanor and speaks with detachment.

Doug- 30-45 very easygoing father figure kind of good guy character with a no nonsense quality to him

Jan- 30-45 a very tense, uptight and angry character, worn down by a lot of bad breaks in her life-- she doesn't have a lot of patience

Jessie- 20-25 the babysitter- very sarcastic and smart alecky

Adam- 20-25 Jessie's boyfriend, laid back, very easygoing guy, very friendly

Secretary any age- She is a caring, helpful, means well

Warden- any age- very professional and by the book

Jason-- 30-40- a dark and frightening character, very intense.

Prison inmates-- can be any age, there are two. Both of them are very nasty characters

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Jennifer said...

Hmm...interesting cast of characters...I am intrigued! :)