Saturday, January 2, 2016

Musings on a New Year 2016

Every year, my friends Paul and Kim have a smashing New Year's Eve party. I love their party. Partly because they are awesome and genuine people, partly because they are bummed if people don't stay til like five am, and partly because I always have some wonderful and meaningful conversations at their party. There are intelligent people there and they talk about real stuff. Music, art, movies, books, plays, deep and fascinating topics and there is always some person there I haven't seen in a while or a new person who is interesting. These two are the best in humanity. Always willing to help a new struggling starving artist, and they have a genuine love of life. So, this year was no exception. We were there til four thirty am and had a great time. And I was reflecting on things that I have done this year and accomplished. It's been a year of struggle and triumph but mostly things came through. I was thinking about two bits of tradition that are built around this time of year. My grandmother was born and raised in Georgia and the Southern tradition is - on New Year's Day, you eat some blackeyed peas and you will have good luck all year. At Paul and Kim's party, Paul always passes out some sort of green vegetable. Sometimes it is spinach, sometimes green leaf lettuce. You put it in your pocket or wallet before midnight and if it is there at the stroke of midnight, for that year you will always have the money you need when you reach in your pocket. I cannot remember if I ate blackeyed peas last year on New Years. I think I forgot to buy some and didn't get to eat them. But I am not sure. I know that Paul gave me some spinach to put in my pocket last year. And in 2015, that was important as I made my first feature film. I could have used a little more luck and probably a little more money but I still felt pretty blessed to be watching that dream come true. Lucky me. I had just enough of each. I did both things this year. Lettuce in my pocket and blackeyed peas in my belly. I'm ready for what this new year will bring. I only made one new years resolution. I will do my best to lose weight and be healthy. My movie is in the hands of a talented editor right now and we are zooming along. I am about to start rehearsals on a play I'm directing with an all female cast and I am bringing dreams to fruition every day. Just sending some thanks out to the universe right now.

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BowlingTrophyWife said...

Our Mother's side of the family is from North Carolina/South Carolina going back to the 1600's, so we're deeply steeped in the black-eyed peas and turnip greens on New Years' Day tradition but I'd never heard of the 'greens in the wallet' - I guess we'll add that one 'next' year - I suppose the greens should be added to the wallet before they've soaked with the ham hocks?

So glad we've connected! Happy New Years!