Sunday, June 19, 2011

Phase Three on the diet

So, we have finally entered the least restrictive phase of the diet. Phase three. We have added back things like wheat bread and small amounts of mayonnaise. Phase two sucked for me pretty badly. I'm sad to report I only lost two pounds on phase two but I have lost two more in phase three so that brings my total weight loss at this time to twelve pounds.
My husband has done much better. He has lost an astonishing 22 pounds in forty days. He has cheated less and been very active. I'm pretty jealous. But I have to keep in mind that I haven't gained anything back at all. My weight loss has slowed but I have not gone the other direction. After this phase is over we go back to phase one and begin over again since neither one of us has met our goal loss at the moment.
I'm really proud of John, you can really see his progress. He looks great. For Father's day, Marissa got him a t-shirt and I said "He has lost so much weight that he can wear a large and he doesn't need an extra large." and indeed, when he tried it on today, it was true.
It's funny because both of us feel like we are eating too much now. We got accustomed to the restrictive nature of the diet and used to not eating certain things and now having a piece of wheat bread for breakfast feels so wrong! I'm actually looking forward to going back to phase one. It was the worst restrictions but I had lots of energy. I haven't begun to give up this battle yet. I'm going to meet my goal and I'm going to do it in a healthy way. I like this diet so much better than Slim fast or being miserable eating "diet food" this is real food, delicious food, healthy food. Those meal bars suck.
I think this diet is easy to follow and good for you. I've enjoyed many of the recipes and all of the progress we have made. So, even though things have slowed down for me, I have not lost hope.
This week I am determined to add more exercise in and rev up so me more.


Contra Yogini said...

Congratulations!! I think you'll find that upping the exercise will get you over this plateau; if for no other reason, b/c it jump starts your metabolism :) Also, you may become happily addicted to the endorphins and the new strength emanating from your body. That is most definitely what happened to me. The key is finding exercise that you enjoy. But, enough unsolicited advise from me ;) Continued good luck to you, madam!

Julie W said...

I agree with your friend above. I added exercise to my life in the last 6 months and the results have been remarkable. I just walk. (Granted, I walk with a peppy little dog up and down steep hills in LA, but I'm sure you can find an equivalent.) I do it in my neighborhood, I do it in crap clothes, so I don't have to drive anywhere or put on a special outfit...I walk out my front door and just hoof it! Some days I don't like it, but most days....well, it's kind of addictive. Once you see real results, you'll want to do more things. I think with cerebral people like us, it's hard to get into, but once you do...OH! The rewards. I think you'll see more results when you can add it in there.
But CONGRATS on 12lbs! Nothing to sneeze at, lady! Keep it up! <3