Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So far this year

So far this year, I have exercised every day but one day since it has become 2010 but I have not gotten on the scale really. I have kind of modified my diet a little- but mostly tried to just stick to the 1200 calorie goal. I have discovered through a recommendation online that livestrong.com has a diet tracker on The Daily Plate that keeps a food diary for me and it is way cooler than the one on Spark People- this one is really easy to use and easy to put in the amount of exercise I do- which today consisted of the Pilates ball and rearranging the whole entire living room.
I like it.
So far this year I have had an argument with a sexist prick and his wife on facebook and they are now trying to harrass me via email after I blocked them both they continue to find other ways. I want to be done with those close minded fools so I can move on to something positive.
So far this year I have not made my vision board but I intend to by the end of the week.
So far this year I have not edited my film because the hard drive was bad but the new ones came in the mail so we should be able to get started soon!
So far this year I talked to someone really cool about doing music for my film and he said yes!
So far this year I have not made time for my online class but I have to do that soon.
I need to make commitments to myself and stick to them. I need to establish deadlines- so this week I promise I will create my vision board and work on my online class!

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Contra Yogini said...

Congratulations on the exercise!

Man, why do hard drives always go down when you need them most???

I'm holding you to those promises, lady! You thought the sexists were bad; you ain't seen nothin' yet ;)


PS Congrats on finding a worthwhile musician to collaborate with on your film :)