Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've conquered a lot of fears over the years, it is in my nature to be adventurous, in contradiction to the shy child that I was. Shy but wanting. But that does not mean that my fears don't exist, I merely appear fearless.

Yesterday my daughter said to me "my friend just made reservations and got on a plane and flew to New York for the weekend, by herself. And suddenly I realized that I could do that."
Freedom is a beautiful realization, isn't it?
Also terrifying, but beautiful. I remember the first time I knew that I was only limited by my own imagination.

A couple times today I felt my throat close with fear. That's when I knew I had work to do. I have to turn the fear into exhilaration. Yes.

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Jennifer said...

Great post!!

I have work to do, too.

I'm proud of you for moving forward with your work. I'm still marinating. But change is coming :) I feel it!

Om shanti,